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Cy DeCosse Photography specializes in three different historic processes: platinum and palladium prints, gum dichromate, and photo gravure. Learn more...


About Us

Our work is the product of artistic collaboration between Photographer and Printer. Meet the team that brings the art to life.



Each collection represents an artistic exploration of form and composition, from Night Blooming Flowers to the Four Greek Elements. Explore them all at the Collections link above.

Cy’s Newest Work : The Midnight Garden

Flowers that bloom in the night, printed in the historic platinum process.
The flowers in this series open at night or early evening. Some of the blooms will die by early morning; some will stay open for a few hours the next day. Because of the wide gray scale possible with the platinum process, these prints offer delicate detail in the highlights of the flowers and velvety rich darks in the shadows of the leaves.