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Monster Artichoke

Thanks to the Iris Gallery, we are shipping what may be the world’s largest artichoke (50″x50″) to a restaurant in Nashville. A selection from our portfolio of foods shot in the  markets of Florence, Italy.

Midnight Garden on YouTube

Here is our first true commercial on YouTube featuring the Midnight Garden portfolio. The announcer is Keith Taylor and the background music is by Beethoven. Can you recognize the piece? 

Carnival of Venice

This mardi gras is much more staid and traditional than the craziness of New Orleans. The costumes are more elaborate and refined and there seems to be more emphasis on small groupings with a theme idea posing for tourists. These groups move around the city and stopping and striking poses and holding them for 15 […]

Mardi Gras USA

I shot this video several years back and have been told by French Quarter friends that it is the best description of what the New Orleans Mardi Gras is really like. Rowdy, raucous and crazy-creative and really American. My next post will be video of another mardi gras, the famous Carnival of Venice. The difference […]

The Classic Greek Elements

Several years back I gave myself the project of shooting the four Greek elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The final form of the project resulted in four separate books bound in Italy and now featured at . This video of the photographs in the book, “Water” will give some idea of the series. In […]

Leonardo on Lighting

From the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci: “OF SELECTING THE LIGHT WHICH GIVES MOST GRACE TO FACES. If you should have a courtyard that you can at pleasure cover with a linen awning, that light will be good. Or, when you want to take a portrait, do it in dull weather, or as evening falls, making […]

“Wired”: A Creative Exercise

My mother told me that when I was a toddler and she had to leave me alone for a few minutes, she would give me a bag of clothespins to play with. She knew that would keep me busy for hours. In my imagination they were people, soldiers, armies and clipped together they became airplanes and […]

The Missing Moonflower

The moonflower is one of the most important flowers that bloom at night. Yet there is no moonflower in the collection. Why? I simply could not get a good shot last summer. What with the wind and their tendency to intertwine I could not isolate a single flower that would pose for me and sit […]

Looking Sharp

A friend asked me recently for a recommendation for a really sharp lens for his camera. Since, in my opinion, most of today’s lenses are quite sharp, (unless you are hypercritical and have deep pockets), I suggested that he get a tripod instead. He laughed and thought I was kidding. There is nothing more agonizing […]


Thank you, Nancy Breslin, for your kind comments in your review of the recent AIPAD show.

The Midnight Garden

Introducing “The Midnight Garden” a photographic collection of flowers that bloom when the sun sets and the cooler night air allows the delicate flowers to blossom and send out their aromas out to the potential pollinators. The photographs are printed in the ancient and archival platinum process. The wide gray scale of platinum allows for exquisite detail in the […]