A Petrified City in the Mountains of Utah?

Several years ago Keith and I were in Utah doing some landscape photography when we suddenly one day stumbled upon a most unusual configuration of mountainous rocks. It almost seemed to have been, at one time, a flourishing city now turned to stone.  Over the next few days I will be posting some of the […]

Take a Trip to Morocco

Time for a break and a bus ride around Morroco to give you an idea of where Sam and Sylvia Kaplan have been for the last four years.

Video from Verve

Verve Gallery produced this video a few months back. It has appeared on FaceBook and, I believe, on Vimeo. I wanted to add it to the blog for archival reasons. FaceBook posts seem to sink out of sight after a short time. It gives a good picture of how I work and how I work […]

Mardi Gras USA

I shot this video several years back and have been told by French Quarter friends that it is the best description of what the New Orleans Mardi Gras is really like. Rowdy, raucous and crazy-creative and really American. My next post will be video of another mardi gras, the famous Carnival of Venice. The difference […]